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I find my job as a locksmith very rewarding. Every day is different, but the problems I fix are nearly always the same.

I provide a number of locksmith services in and around Bournemouth. The most common issue is people that have locked themselves out. Also commonly people need their locks changed, usually because they have just moved, but this could be because of an issue, for example a dispute with an ex-partner. We alway check credentials.


There are occasions when we have been present with the police when they need us to gain entry. This could be, for example when a friend or relative has not been heard of for a few days. I take my job very seriously and will always try to find the best way to gain entry for the customer that suits their requirements and time-limits.


Most of the time it is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix. I try to keep the costs as low as possible. This is getting harder and harder lately with increasing costs in petrol and parts. I have kept my labour charges the same as it feels like the right thing to do. We all need to tighten our belts. 

I intend to write once in a while in this locksmith blog and share an anecdote or two.


Good feedback is important. We all need a pat on the back, and it is especially important in your work. A good employer will, if nothing else, tell you they are happy with your work.

As a locksmith my work can be quite solitary. I take the calls and although I do see customers every day I don't get much contact with colleagues as such.

I don't update my blog very much, but yesterday I went to a job I just had to talk about. An elderly lady in Bournemouth had locked herself out. She managed to google locksmith on her mobile phone successfully, and when I arrived she seemed to be quite together. She had simply left her keys on the kitchen table and put the rubbish out, realising she could not get back in. On this occasion I was able to slip the lock for her, just one of the services I provide. She was back in straight away.



We had a brief chat and she became confused about whether anyone had a spare key to her property. She had sounded fine on the phone so alarm bells did not ring. I asked her if she had a family member or friend she could call upon in the future with a spare key and she said her sister had one, but she was a fair distance and elderly also. The lady then told me about her friend who she telephoned while I was still there. Her friend has been there before when she has locked herself out

Her friend suggested I should install a key safe for her. 

Long story short I put in a key safe and she put her spare key in there safe and sound. I then helped her text her friend the code so they could gain access if she was indisposed. The lady did not have any close family other than her sister. 

The best part about it was the cup of tea she made me as a thank you. I did not trouble her to write a Google review, but that cup of tea was my reward for what I felt was a good job done.

Elderly lady locked out.jpeg

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